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Digibusiness Srl produces and supplies ICT (Information Communication Technology) products and services. Its main activities today are in the fields of Boats, Insurance, Large Scale Retail and Industry.

The company headquarters are in Collecchio (PR), where the Software Factory and Contact Center are also located, but Digibusiness specialists also work on the premises of some of our clients in Parma, Milan and Bergamo.

The company provides Cloud Computing services using Servers located in primary Data Centers, including CEDACRI SpA.


Digibusiness srl
Viale Libertà 10
Collecchio, 43044
N 44° 46.337', E 010° 12.702'
Telephone +39 0521 805714
Fax+39 0521 803648
E-mail info@digibusiness.it


Digibusiness designs new Systems and integrates existing systems using Microsoft and multi-platform technologies. It can develop Intranet and Extranet Communication Systems, using C/S, WEB and Mobile technologies and highly reliable and basic market components and interacting with Social Networks.

Digibusiness provides highly specialised consulting to support the design of architectures and the implementation of information systems and computer applications.

Its completed projects include:

  • Administrative system to support a Yachts Sales and Chartering activity - Navis.net
  • Monitoring and Control of Mass Printing and exchange of data flows with Institutional authorities for a Primary Insurance Undertaking
  • e-Commerce for a large-scale retail Corporate Customer
  • Apps with iOSs e Android technology
  • Social Leyer (Janrain technologies)
  • Websites and Portals for a range of businesses

Digibusiness Srl Enterprise Partner and Distributor of GOOGLE, in this capacity provides Enterprise licenses GOOGLE Apps For Business, active accounts, assist in the migration from the previous email providers and services in the activation of Communication, Collaboration and Mobility.

GOOGLE Partner Enterprise

Products - Services

Navis.net Suite www.navisnet.it
ADS Nautical www.yachtvillage.net
Social Communication theVillage
Apps for Business Google Apps for Business

Google apps for business - G-SUITE

Google Apps for Business is a suite of online tools designed to help you and your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. It gives you the email, meeting videos, documents and more. It can be accessed from anywhere, ever, from any device.

But most of all can make your company more efficient and will save you, eliminating non-integrated legacy applications and hardware and software maintenance costs. Google Apps is CLOUD and costs only € 40 per year per account.

Why Google Business Apps ?

  • Data availability (always/everywhere) - mobile
  • Data sharing ( selective/with anyone) - shared
  • Mail practically limitless, accessible anywhere
  • 30 gigabytes of space shared between applications
  • Ability to identify himself by keeping the name of your domain
  • Automatic backup
  • Safety and reliability (UpTime> 99.90%)
  • Effective filter against spam
  • Instant Messaging, Voice/Video Chat
  • Real time collaboration on documents



The Economic Benefits


The global communications system

Stay Connected

In addition to containing the messages, your inbox will keep track of the activities of your employees. With voice chat, text, and video you can see who is online and get in touch instantly. Next to each email, you can see the profile picture of your contacts, recent updates and shared documents.

Work faster and save time

Gmail is designed to increase your productivity. With 30 GB of storage space shared between all of the features of Google Apps, with the ability to purchase additional shares, you will not need to delete anything. The powerful search engine allows you to find anything and labels and filters help you keep everything in order.

Connection anytime and anywhere

With Google Apps, all your work is automatically saved in the cloud. You'll have access to email, calendar, documents and sites and can work safely, wherever you are and whatever device they are using. For your business, this means that every employee and anyone who cooperates with you can be productive anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection.

Gmail: Company eMail, Chat, Video, Telephone

Gmail for business is your hub for communication: email, chat, phone calls and video chat, all in your inbox. The conversations between employees, partners and suppliers are better, faster and more direct.

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Calendar: planning become ​​easy

Google Calendar helps you and your employees to find the most suitable time more effectively: Overlay multiple calendars to easily organize meetings and plan events. Log events and updates at any time, from anywhere and with everyone.

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Drive: files, create, share

With 5GB of storage space in the cloud for users, Google Drive is the central point in which to store all your business files: documents, images, videos, presentations and more. Access all types of files from anywhere.

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Docs: Create and update together

Designed for teams, Google Docs gives you a powerful word processing tool that more people can work together simultaneously. Keep everything and everyone on the same page and forget forever the tedious job of version control.

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Sheets : analyzes the data with collaborators

Google Spreadsheets allows you to manage data and share them with your team, so you can decide better together. To examine your data from different perspectives have available tools such as advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters and pivot tables.

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Slides : created along with the slides

Google Presentations help you and your team to create compelling slide in collaboration. More people can intervene in a presentation to incorporate video, insert animations, and add dynamic transitions to your slides to create the best presentation possible.

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Hangouts : hold video meetings with anyone

With Google Hangouts, you can hold video meetings at which they can participate in up to fifteen people at once. Start a meeting directly from your inbox to achieve your goals with greater efficiency due to better face to face communication.

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